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I am more than just a financial planner; I am your trusted partner who will empower you to take control of your financial future. My established expertise, passion for helping others, and unwavering dedication to your success make me the ideal choice for your financial planning needs.

I started this business so I could work directly with a select group of individuals and families to make a real difference in their lives while sharing my knowledge with Canadians from coast to coast.

Connect with me today and discover a path to stress-free finances, better well-being, and less uncertainty.

Together, we can unlock your full financial potential and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

About Clayton Brown

From an early age, I've always loved problem-solving, learning by doing, and helping others.

Taking things apart to understand how they work, building puzzles and crafting models, and embracing the challenge of math and science, are all experiences that have shaped my way of thinking.

With over 12 years of experience and a skill set encompassing Investment Management, Risk Management, Advisory Services, Behavioural Finance, and Creative Planning, I am uniquely positioned to provide holistic and personalized financial planning solutions.

I've always felt strongly that advice should be independent and not tied to selling products.

Some call it fee-only, fee-for-service, or advice-only. The bottom line is that the advice is provided independently of selling someone a product, and I've been lucky enough to avoid ever being compensated by selling products. Unfortunately, most of the industry doesn't work this way.

Helping clients understand how one financial decision can have a cascading effect and uncovering their known unknowns are immensely rewarding.

I understand financial decisions are not just about numbers; emotions and behaviors influence them. By integrating behavioral insights into my strategies, clients can overcome biases and make sound financial choices.

With my guidance, you can define clear financial goals and take confident steps toward achieving them.

As an active member of esteemed organizations such as the Financial Planning Association of Canada (FPAC), I stay at the forefront of industry trends and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

With the Institute of Advanced Financial Planners (IAFP), I regularly engaged with a tight-knit group of comprehensive financial planners, reflecting my commitment to continuous professional development and staying ahead in an ever-evolving financial landscape.

While attending Western, my critical thinking and analytical thinking skills were tested while completing a BSc in Chemistry. Adding a minor in Criminology provided great exposure to social and behavioral patterns. I was ready for crime scene investigation (CSI), or so I thought.

After careful consideration of future career options, some exposure to the world of finance, and a few college courses, I was headed back to Vancouver.

I attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) full-time for two years to complete a Financial Management diploma specializing in Financial Planning. With many of the teachers having industry experience, the courses felt more practical.

I knew I wanted to pursue financial planning as a career, but without selling products, which ended up being more of a challenge than I expected.

In terms of influential career experience, I've had the privilege of providing financial planning and investment advice for clients, training fellow planners, and helping launch the Longevity Pension Fund, the first retirement solution of its kind in the world.

  • Macdonald Shymko & Company --> Canadian fee-only pioneer
  • WealthBar (now CI Direct Investing) --> Canada's first robo-advisor
  • Purpose Investments --> Canadian-founded and independent asset manager

Beyond school and work, I have always been committed to continuous learning, which is reflected in my verifiable licenses and certifications:

With this depth of knowledge, I am well-equipped to navigate the complex world of finance and offer strategic guidance tailored specifically to your needs.

I strongly believe in the power of community and giving back.

A few of my past experiences:

  • Hockey Coach at the North Shore Winter Club. Combining my love for the sport with mentorship, guiding young athletes to develop their skills, and instilling valuable life lessons.
  • Treasurer for my condo strata council, representing over 300 condo units.
  • Sports Chair and Peterson Award Chair for the Epsilon Omicron chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Showcasing my dedication to personal growth, leadership development, fundraising, and community service.

Now that I am back in London and raising a family, I plan to be more involved in this great community, including pro-bono work with those with less financial means.

I enjoy spending time at the hockey rink, on the golf course, and outside playing with the kids!

Plan Your Finances,
Shape Your Future

We simplify financial planning by taking your goals and mapping them out, both now and in the future, using simple tools combined with expert advice.

Life rarely follows a straight path. You need help to navigate the financial twists and turns. A financial plan will help you put your hard-earned money to work in the best way possible.

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